Petticoat punishment

petticoat punishment

Pinaforing, also called petticoating, is a type of forced feminization that involves dressing a man or boy in girls' clothing. While the practice has come to be a rare, socially unacceptable form of humiliating punishment, it has risen up as both "Petticoat punishment," as a sexual fetish interest, involves imagining or reenacting. I'd read a few books about behaviour among young boys, including two that advocated petticoat punishment. The idea was that if the boy. Petticoat Discipline Quarterly, where bad boys become good girls. to enlarge. Barbara O'Toole Barbara O'Toole's Petticoat Punishment Art for November   ‎PDQ's New Forum · ‎PDQ's Gallery Of Sissies · ‎Christeen's Gallery · ‎September.

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